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一些杂七杂八的新闻【WOT 新闻 2017/7/19-2017/7/23】

Released officially on August 12, , World of Tanks quickly hit the one million registered players milestone. Back then, the game was quite different than the one available right now, but some key elements remained, such as the top-tier Russian and German tanks — the IS-7 and Maus — although their stats were nerfed and buffed multiple times over the decade that followed. Although there are still a few whole months ahead of the 10th anniversary day, Wargaming has decided to kick off the celebrations with today’s game update, a refresh that brings the current version to 1.

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Basically, a couple of Russian players came up with a new method of measuring whether a tank is overpowered or not or even underpowered than classic winrate with some sort of threshold. In the beginning, there was the post by Makkad. Makkad points out that it practically took a year of being OP to drop to reasonable levels:. A year to discover whether a tank is OP or not based on balance alone is of course too long a period. What is needed is an indicator, that would show the tank OP factor directly after two or three weeeks.

In the following part of the post, Makkad proves the fact that such an indicator can indeed exist. Based on this premise, Makkad makes another possibly obviousy statement, that the tank winrate depends on the ratio of good and bad players playing it. The quality of players playing that respective tank from its introduction shifts gradually: in the first week after its introduction, only extremely dedicated players will have the tier 10 tank, because they buy it for accumulated free XP.

Obviously the first ones to unlock the vehicle are very good players from top clans, but over time, as the vehicle becomes more popular, its winrate spread when comparing it with players will correspond the general skill spread of the playerbase, which looks like this for RU server:. For example, you take all the players with 52 percent winrate and check their average winrate on the vehicle you are trying to assess. You do that for several of the groups and the result looks like this:.

KV-220 : One of the kings of tier 5?

Jump to content. I was looking around for some premium match making stuff the other day, and I really struggled to find it. I kept getting pointed back to the chart that Alo8ight has posted that is in Russian-glyphics, and I’m one of the few people that can’t read Russian on this forum. So today I took a bit of time and came up with a chart for WOT Blitz that listed out the premium tanks with special match making, and what it was.

I went for actual tiers instead of battle tiers, because that seemed a touch confusing too. So if you guys could look it over, and let me know if I made any mistakes spellnizg or incorrect information both please!

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Should I buy it? When I saw this in the battle I cannot pen it by any mean… so its quite OP for me. A tier 3 can pen it frontaly. Aim at the turret. Also mm frontal hull… At tier 5 gold is high enough to go through if flat. And at tier 6 you hardly stand a chance. So see it like a more balanced PzIIJ because its not as op when toptier and not as useless when not toptier. For the rest of the calendar idk what new tanks would be worth it. Out of all the new supertested premiums we have eventualy more Black Edition tanks, a few tier 7 new tanks that arent that fun in appearance T25 Pilot, Krupp S.

World Of Tanks: Premium Tank Buying Guide

Wot tanks with preferential matchmaking list Track destroyed prior to preferential matchmaking tankopedia hey guys i still got pref mm would like to. Before that test run, the most were at: xbox , what tanks – posted in current. Check world of tanks matchmaking. Track your combined weight once. Solution, one battle tiers, each team have good dating events.

Vk preferential matchmaking – Register and search over 40 million singles: chat. On october 12, existed only in wot tanks players and fv tier. Epic carry in comparison to the wtf e was designated the bogatyr kv

Let me begin by saying that the KV is by far my most favorite tank to play, but Wargaming has a history of designing tanks to be historically inaccurate. The KV model instead has mm for the front and for the rear thanks for that extra 10mm of side armor doe. Edit: Thanks to the wonderful folk at wikipedia I’ve found that only TWO KV tanks were constructed, and they were both different in their own ways;.

Of course most of these inaccuracies should be fixed by the time the High Definition tank model comes out for the KV, because they also have to re-design the look of the tank itself and the armor values. Of course designing the KV to be historically accurate would require the tank to be bumped up a tier, but hell, who cares, preferential matchmaking is preferential matchmaking. Personally I don’t really play the KV anymore due to these new Japanese heavies, I commonly get ripped to shreds by them, so the KV has become not so fun to play anymore because it’s so sluggish and sub-par when it comes to it’s firepower.

Both the gun and the turret are historically correct atleast as correct as the version you mean:.

Collector’s Gem of the Week: KV-220-2

Jump to content. Any progress on it yet? I don’t believe in WG as a company anymore. No thanks. Selling a PMM tank when you just announced drastic changes to these types of tanks for an inflated price as well Introduce 3 5 7 mm knowing it will force all but tier 9 and 10 tanks into being low tier pinatas most games.

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If its creator removes it in the future, you won’t be able to download again. This unique payment allows you to print and download this decision tree as many times as you want as long as:. Create a Decision Tree. Sign Up Free. Pricing About Login. Last updated 2 years ago First published 18 October, Progetto M35 mod. Skoda T Tank Destroyer. Sexton I. Which Tier Do You Want?

FV A Caernarvon Action X.

New Tank Bogatyr KV-220-2

At tier 5 the Russian premium heavy tank KV has superb hull armor which allows it to shrug off an absurd amount of damage, especially since it only sees tier 6 max tanks. Regardless the KV proves to be a unique tank while facing it and driving it since it has some very good strengths and very steep weaknesses. This guide will break down the KV into firepower, armor, mobility, miscellaneous attributes, and tactics to use. Gun wise the KV only equips a 76mm gun meaning that it does not have the great firepower you come to expect from Russian heavy tanks.

Before telling you the best Tier 5–6 Tanks in World of Tanks (WOT) based on my The best win rate at tier five and six is the KV–2 with an overall 55% win.

Jump to content. Also, is it really ruining the tier? How many do you actually see? Of those how many are actually any good? My winrate in the KV is For comparison, my winrate in the standard KV-1 is The KV has a KV-3 hull. Which isn’t a great gun. These changes would give the KV much better turret armour, but also make it slower, and turn its gun into an absolute pile of dog poo worse than the Excelsior’s gun.

Prince0fPersia, on 03 February – PM, said:. I recommend 1 prammo shell for every 3 AP shells. What I want instead is to block these players from playing the game. I remember very precisely that is when I entered tier 4 and played the small vk-h that I look at the box and tried to angle it. Read my guides there.

WoT — KV-220 Review

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